We are Timeless Straws, a small UK workshop founded by two brothers, Thomas & Oliver McMillan, with a passion for sustainable products. 

We are environmentalists at heart, so when the UK announced its pledge to ban single-use plastic straws by 2020, we were delighted. The prospect of new materials like wax paper and stainless steel straws is a great eco-friendly alternative.

Yet we were worried because most of these alternatives are imported from overseas, which still contributes to a high carbon footprint. 

With our background in metalwork and design, we decided we could contribute to this change by making our own reusable straws. Except this time we would get it right.

Our challenge was to create a reusable straw with a superior and unique design, from the highest grade of recycled steel and make it in the UK to reduce the product's carbon footprint. 

Our solution is Timeless Straws. An elegant double-helix design which reflects light like ripples on water, with more durability than standard circular drinking straws. 

Every straw is handcrafted in our Dorset workshop, and always will be.